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The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 10x17 "Inside Man"

Hi! I'm so sorry I haven't been here and I missed last week's review! I've been horribly busy with life stuff. I will try and do better though...but until the end of May, I'm HORRIBLY BUSY! But I will still try and do better :D

Anyhoooooooo another week...another new episode! Weeee! It's getting scary close to the end of the season and the Js are scaring the shit out of us all by telling us that this will be the most intense finale ever!

They really need to stop that. It won't help me prepare and it just means I'm stressed for longer!

But I'll be okay...I will....

Remind me to tell them off when I see them in May! And by tell them off, I mean hug them like crazy! HUGGGGGG!

But I'm getting ahead of myself! We have 7 episodes left in season 10, including this week's ep! So where are we?

Dean doesn't want to die
Sam wants Dean to believe there's a way to be saved
Dean just might want to believe Sam
Sam's not sure if Dean does want to believe or is just trying to shut Sam up
Fandom cries buckets of tears because these brothers are too beautiful


Sam's trying to save Dean without telling Dean. This is bound to end well.
(Dudes, dudes, secrets are bad)

Okay, so this week's synopsis gives us virtually nothing. Seriously, it's the shortest synopsis I've ever seen! Not only that, the synopsis also doesn't mention THAT guest star appearance that was popped by Laura at Variety. We pretty much all know who it is right? He's in the damn promo. I must admit I wished they'd kept it a secret. When I found out I thought, BALLS!

But now to the synopsis! YES...IT'S VERY SHORT! But this episode is written by Andrew Dabb, which is awesome. Andrew Dabb is awesome. And the director is a first timer for Supernatural!


DEAN AND ROWENA FACE OFF AGAINST EACH OTHER — Sam and Castiel follow up on a lead about the Mark of Cain. Dean and Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) meet. Rashaad Ernesto Green directed this episode written by Andrew Dabb (#1017). 

Dean and Rowena "meet".  I have a feeling it's more than meet! Sam and Cas follow up on a lead. HUMPF! I mean, could this synopsis be any more vague? Purposely so I would say.

I do love, like A LOT, that Sam and Cas are banding together to help save Dean. I love Sam and Cas' friendship. It's been a delight to watch it grow and blossom. Their love for Dean and overwhelming need to help him may have been what brought them together in the past, but I feel like their understanding of each other, each others mistakes and a genuine empathy for each other has bonded them as buddies. I like it.

Okie dokie, let's check out promo one, with the epic spoiler...

So there you go. Bobby. Well we all hoped he was in Heaven and would somehow be able to help out the brothers from beyond! What he's going to help with I'm not sure. Something to do with Metatron Watching out for Dean? Or does he help with the lead on the MoC? Maybe something only a spirit/soul can help with? What are your thoughts?

Here is the extended version of this promo with added worry...

Everyone is in this ep! Even Metatron. Who is out again! How? Why! Shoot him, Sam! Not that shooting him will kill him...but it might smart a little!

I'm intrigued by Rowena's comment that the MoC is just a curse, it can be removed. IS THAT TRUE? Certainly none of the research the brothers have been doing has suggested this, or at least they haven't found anything to suggest this. So does she know something? Or is it a ruse? And I wonder what's with all the sigils she's painted all over herself? What the hell is she up to? Is it a spell? I'm looking forward to seeing Rowena and Dean go at it. To be honest...full disclosure...he could kill her and I'd probably be cool with it. Though now her story is intersecting with the Winchesters, via The Men of Letters and their contact with the witches, her story is becoming intriguing...in a, what that story means to Sam and Dean kind of way. I'm also invested in Crowley, and I'd like to see him kick her to the curb!

I wonder what Dean's been doing for Sam to say he's getting worse? We haven't seem Dean losing it and getting killy since "The Executioner's Song". He seems to be pretty under control and holding it together...at least on the surface. He is wearing a red coloured shirt with a dark t-shirt in this episode though. It's not THE red shirt, but I swear this coloured shirt with that coloured t-shirt is purposeful. It's the Dean's having MoC or demony vibes ensemble. I'd love to ask wardrobe about that!

Okay, here's the sneak peek...

I really love this sneak peek. Even though Sam is lying liar who lies (badly) (but for good reason so I'm cool with it), this clip is so damn adorable I can't even. And I know two things... Dean's going to be pissed with Sam when he finds out the truth, and he's SO going into Sam's room! "Stay out of my room", good grief Sam, red rag to a bull! Also Dean's face when he thinks it's a nudie French movie and then his face when he has no idea what the hell the movie is that Sam is talking about! That little look, with the confused blinking! GAH! ADORABLE! Jensen is masterful at saying so much with that damn beautiful face of his.

I love these domestic Winchester scenes in the bunker. I want a whole episode like this. Of the boys chatting. Watching TV. Cooking. Doing shooting practise in their personal shooting range. Maybe Dean could go polish the car and they could have a water fight with the hose... OKAY I WENT TOO FAR! But I do love these bunker scenes.

So basically, in this episode we have, Sam, Dean, Cas, Crowley, Rowena, Metatron and BOBBY! Blimey! I think it's going to be a good one!

What are your thoughts? He me up in the comments!


There's an exclusive preview from EW that makes me yearn for Bobby.

Clickety click on the photo...then come straight back, 'kay?

Damn, I wasn't missing Bobby anymore...at least not chronically. But now I am again! Doesn't this make you miss him? I'd forgotten how much I adore that cranky old hunter. Damn it!

And "with Dean the way he is",  man...we're starting down the slippery slope with Dean, aren't we. A-WAHHHHHH! All of Jensen's warnings about Dean sliding back towards demonyish, carelessly, violent behaviour and not realising/acknowledging, all the Dean's not going to want help, starting to push Sam away stuff, is pounding in my ears! AND POUNDING IN MY HEART!

I'm just going to sit here and think about Dean being an adorable, annoying big brother, and sneaking into Sam's room while he's out instead. Maybe short sheeting Sam's bed? Yeah I'm going to think about that instead...

Or maybe this...

Wait. This makes me happy and sad all in one! Oh Supernatural...

-sweetondean (again)

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Here's a sneak peek with The Carver, which gives me worries and feels and makes me gasp for this episode! Everything about this looks scary and fantastic and I want to hug Dean (and not just because of his sexy, extended, sweaty neck) and tell him it's okay and hug Sam and tell him he's awesome. I think I'm already in love with this episode! Plus we get an answer on the eyes. Oh, poor Dean. This season end is going to destroy me I know it!

- sweetondean (again, again)

Inside: Inside Man
Heaven or Hell, the boys will always need their Bobby. Executive Producer Jeremy Carver talks TOMORROW'S all new #Supernatural!
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  1. My thoughts consist a lot of freaked out babbling right now. I paused the promo on a certain scene and spotted this - http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/little_creek96/70241756/18464/18464_original.jpg. Did anyone else notice this?? I'm not just imagining things, right?

    1. It's a screenshot from the extended promo for this episode. I couldn't make the link clickable, sorry!

  2. Right back at you. Pretty scared for the rest of the season.

    Here's another spoilerish preview clip! http://www.ew.com/article/2015/03/31/bobby-returns-exclusive-supernatural-sneak-peek?hootPostID=64995bd2b03f9f79c1bfb59605b87aac

  3. Is the demon eyes on dean demon!dean back again or a nightmare/vision thing? Or something Rowena done?

    1. Something like the 2nd two things maybe. I don't think they're back. I HOPE!!!

  4. You notice he is wearing that red shirt again. The same red shirt he was wearing when he was a demon and Sam changed him back, the same red shirt he was wearing when he went ballistic earlier in the season. I love Dean in red, but lately, that red shirt does not bode well for our boy.

    I saw the black eyes earlier. Someone on Tumblr highlighted them. Although I am alarmed, I think it is something that Dean's mind is playing tricks with him about.

  5. in answer to your question about wondering what dean's been doing for sam to think he was getting worse....I don't think did anything....but I do think that sam saw dean having night terrors and that's why he's taken it upon himself to get moving to help dean. plus just to be sure, sam asked dean how he slept..and dean lied and said he slept like a drunk man or whatever he said....and right there, sam knew dean was lying.

    I think the eye thing might have been his eyes playing tricks on him. I do think though he starts to become more violent in this eppy....what would be cool, even though I do like her, is if the way dean and Crowley's relationship changes forever is if dean whacks Rowena.....

    looking forward to some cas/sam/bobby time..... always fun to see metatron....

    I think we're all gonna like this one. LOL

  6. you know I like bobby, don't get me wrong and i'm happy to see him again, but.....I was thinking, wouldn't it make more sense to try to contact kevin? I mean kevin is the one who spent 6 months and a dead mom translating the demon tablet...don't you think he would remember what was on it? wouldn't it make more sense to contact him and find out what was on the tablet, since it's be said that the demon tablet could have the answer....just saying....lol

    1. Maybe because he's still stuck in the veil??

  7. Red shirt...red shirt bad...red shirt very bad. In the words of Bobby... 'Damn it, Dean!'

    BOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bobby, Metatron, Cas, Rowena....all in one eppy with the boys. Gonna be a good one!

    I did totally love the domestic sneak peak. Big bad hunters acting like 8 year old boys, classic! Ha!

    Dark Dean ahead...don't know how Sam's gonna get him outta Season 10 alive...