Thursday, 23 May 2013

Women Of Letters Half Hour Supernatural podcast

It’s here!  The Women Of Letters Half Hour is podcast - A podcast dedicated to all things Supernatural and the SPN fandom hosted by me - sweetondean (AKA @AmyinSydney) and Jules from Superwiki (@SuperWiki).

In Episode #1 we talk about the Season 8 finale and the "I'm sending Supernatural a damn fruit basket (postcard)" campaign.

In Episode #2 we talk about Dean's amulet, it's signifigance to the brothers, to the story and to the fandom and how to vote in the Teen Choice Awards.

In Episode #3 we talk about the recent Australia Supernatural convention, All Hell Breaks Loose 4.

In Episode # 4 we talk about the nature of family in Supernatural.

In Episode #5 we talk about Cass and the angels.

In Episode #6 we talk all about Conventions with plenty of great tips to help you get the most out of them!

In Episode #7 we talk Comic-Con spoilers.

Theme music courtesy of Skyhooks - yes this is the Aussie Supernatural podcast you didn’t know you were waiting for!

You can find the Women of Letters Half Hour here

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  1. I tried posting on the podcast page, but it wouldn't let me. I wanted to point out a fact that nobody seems to remember with Dean and lying- especially to Sam. Dean's first time on the show was with S2 about the demon blood, but John also forced him to lie to Sam for Sam's first 9 years of life. That has to have been just an incredible burden on Dean, and even now he still has that "lie to protect" Sam default setting.

    People seem to slam Dean for it, but it's almost that he can't help himself. He has to protect his brother, and that includes him not telling him the truth no matter what it means for Dean personally.

    1. I 100% agree. Dean does what he does for his brother. out of love. He knows it's going to bite him on the butt but that doesn't matter, because Sam is okay and Sam is alive. That's all that matters. I would never hold these lies against Dean. It all comes from a place of love. I can never do anything but love him for the heart that he has, even when he makes mistakes. His flaws are part of what makes him beautiful. His flaws and the depth of his love for his brother that makes him do things that he knows may work out well for him personally.

    2. Oh and thanks for your comment!

    3. I had meant to expand a little bit on the lying thing. It had to have been a massive strain on Dean to lie to his little brother like that growing up. And I can see why he continues to do so time and time again. The lying revolves around him constantly being in a position of having to protect his brother. He knows it's not right, but it's been so ingrained in that childhood training that he can't seem to help himself to not fall back into habits of him equating to lying to Sam about scary things= protecting Sam.