Friday, 1 June 2012

Sera Gamble Tribute Rewatch Twitter Party

It's been awhile since the last Supernatural Rewatch Twitter Party.
But the Twitter party is back on!

Join us in paying tribute to the awesome Sera Gamble 
Sunday June 10 at 11am - Australian Eastern Standard time.

We will be rewatching...

1.12 Faith
5.13 The Song Remains the Same
7.23 Survival of the Fittest

These are all signature episodes by Sera. They are great examples of her brilliant writing and demonstrate why she is one of the most consistent and talented writers of Supernatural. 

As you may notice, they are episodes from different periods of the series.

Season 1's Faith, not only is one of the strongest foreshadowing episodes of the series, pointing towards Dean's purpose and destiny, but it is also the episode Eric Kripke said made him realise just how far the show could go. 

Season 5's The Song Remains the Same follow's on from the foreshadowing of Faith when we meet the Archangel Michael, for whom Dean was born a vessel. It's also part of the brilliant 
Supernatural Back To The Future series of episodes.

Season 7's Survival of the Fittest is the last episode Sera wrote for Supernatural and puts the brother's into a situation that they've never faced, while putting us in good stead for season 8...though we may chew our finger nails to the bone while waiting!

If you're unfamiliar with our Twitter rewatch parties this is how it works....

 We will be watching the episodes at the same time as each other, so get your DVDs or downloads ready. We will count you in so that we all press play simultaneously. Then of course, we'll be live tweeting the episodes! 
You're most welcome to join the conversation, that's really the point of the Twitter rewatch party! 
Oh and don't forget to grab some munchies and drinks!
Come for one episode or 3. Everyone is welcome!

To join the party, follow my twitter account AmyInSydney and my jail account sweetondean
Also follow my coconspirator Tiny Winchester at TinyTiny Panic Room and Tiny Flatbread 

Don't forget when tweeting, to use the hashtag #SeraGamble

So, get your DVDs or downloads ready and join us in paying tribute to and farewelling in style, 
the wonderfully talented Sera Gamble
Sunday June 10 at 11am AEST on Twitter! 

Be sure to check your timezone via the world clock here.
Plus stay tuned! We will be announcing our Jeremy Carver twitter party a bit later. So watch this space!

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