Friday, 23 December 2011

A very special Supernatural Christmas event!

It’s nearly Christmas time and if you’re a Supernatural fan that means one thing…..
Time for A Very Supernatural Christmas!

We all love this ep right?

Well, sweet Peter on a popsicle stick! We’re having a re-watch and you’re all invited!

On Christmas Eve at 2pm Australian east coast daylight savings time (Sydney time), a bunch of us will be popping in this fan favourite episode and live tweeting as we watch it together from all around the globe!

The Weechesters, the amulet, the skin mags, shaving cream, fuel for me and fuel for my baby…. Nawwww so many adorable bro moments.

So why not join in! We want to make this a great big Supernatural festive event!

So grab your friends, grab your amulet, put on your yuletide moose antlers, fire up your DVD and get tweeting!


I hope to see you all there!

Follow me on twitter – main account and jail account (just in case)
Make sure you use the #SPNXMAS
If you want to, you can participate via tweetchat
World Clock to work out your time zone.
Check out SuperWiki's episode entry here!


  1. just discovered your blog and LOOOOOVE it!

  2. Thanks for organizing this! I'm sick and stuck at home so it will be nice to be part of a virtual party. And it's my favourite episode!

    (Also, thanks for including a link to the world clock. I had added instead of substracted, and would've had the wrong day...)

  3. So, Minnesota USA time is.... I can't do the math;) Or any math, freekin' awesome. Just #gimmiesomepie